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Founding and building Jelix Ventures is the most exciting job I have ever had. I have had some shockers, including pulling rotten tomatoes off a conveyor belt to fund my undergrad degree. And some better ones; selling an innovative climbing tool to fund my climbing career, a debt capital markets lawyer, an investment banker and a board director.

But now, I have hit my ‘sweet spot’ in work. I love the rollercoaster ride of building an innovative business that brings exciting investment opportunities to investors and will have a real impact on the Australian startup sector. We have been leading syndicated investments into startups for years and have built our online investment platform to automate much of the grunt work and make the process easy for our investors. We are different from most equity crowdfunding platforms. We are investor-led and we don’t charge startups fees to fundraise. Instead, we cherry pick the strongest startups, invest our own funds and invite investors from around the globe to invest on the same terms. By offering our registered investors only the best startup investment opportunities after rigorous vetting, structuring terms for success, and by providing the ongoing support of our expertise and connections, we maximise the likelihood of outstanding returns. Investors, startups and Jelix have aligned interests, we all win with our investor focused business model. We are now raising an early stage venture capital fund to co-invest with our syndicated investments and we will soon have other exciting investment options under construction.

The startup sector is a critical economic imperative for Australia. With most VCs not investing at the angel/seed stage, there is little professionalisation of these investments, particularly in Australia. This is the market gap we are addressing with an innovative business model that has proven success overseas.

Our small but growing team is based in the Sydney CBD.

We are not currently recruiting.