Our competitive edge

You can be confident that we genuinely judge the investment opportunities we offer to be those most likely to produce great returns. We put real skin in the game by investing our own funds. Jelix is the first equity crowdfunding platform in Australia and one of the few globally, entirely incentivised on investment performance by investor returns and returns on our own investments. As sector insiders, we have unique access to deal flow and the expertise to select, vet and structure an investment round to put the startup in the best position to thrive.

Angel Syndicates or informal groups of angel investors are often the source of seed investments and funds. Syndicates are largely ad hoc and dependent on an experienced angel doing the heaving lifting to lead the round. Leadership varies according to the expertise of the lead. The absence of such leadership often causes the process to fail and investors and startups miss out. Jelix provides this leadership, giving investors the flexibility and choice to easily build a highly curated portfolio of startup investments.

Syndicate Platforms allow syndicate leaders with varied expertise and access to deal flow to select, vet and structure an investment round. The platform takes a 5-8% fee from the startup (and sometimes an additional ongoing annual fee) and investors may pay both the syndicate leader a carry fee of 15%-20% and another 5% to the platform.

Equity Crowdfunding platforms are usually paid/incentivised by the startup on raising funds. Any selection process is minimal and the bar to post an investment opportunity is low because there is no incentive to find or select the best investment opportunities. 7-10% of funds raised are paid as platform fees.

Venture capital funds seldom invest at the early seed stage and their large minimum investment amounts and fees are a barrier to many non-institutional investors.

The Jelix Investment Platform offers investors only the strongest startup investment opportunities, vetted and pre-negotiated. You benefit from our sector insider deal access, and the ongoing management and professionalism of a VC with substantially lower fees. You can invest with as little as $20,000 while retaining the flexibility to select investments that interest you.