Cooling Off Rights

These rights apply to retail investors in relation to Crowd Sourced Funding Offers or public offers.

Cooling off period

You have the right to withdraw your application under a Crowd Sourced Funding (“CSF”) Offer (“CSF Offer” or Public Offer) and to be repaid your application money. If you wish to withdraw your application for any reason (including if you change your mind about investing in the CSF company), you must do so within five business days of making your application (the Cooling-off Period).

Your application is made on the date you click “submit application” in relation to an offer.

A “business day” means a day that is not a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday or bank holiday in the place concerned.

How to withdraw

You may withdraw your application for shares by emailing and informing us of your wish to withdraw your application.

Return of moneys

If you withdraw an application in accordance with these terms, Jelix will process your request and refund your application money to the account from which it was withdrawn as soon as practicable.