Why invest in Australian technology startups?


World class teams


Low operational costs


Low valuations


Tax incentives


Greater potential for outsized returns

Australian startup sector

The astonishing growth of Australian companies like Atlassian, Canva, Envato, Aconex, Campaign Monitor and Safety Culture attest to the success of the burgeoning Australian startup sector, and the outstanding returns that can be made.

Overseas investors are attracted to the relatively low valuations or entry points, lower operational costs and the huge scalable potential of Australian startups.

Being a part owner of an innovative startup determined to change the world, is exciting and can generate significant return on investment.

Support Economic Growth

Innovative startups are the major driver of economic growth and have the potential to add over $100 billion to Australia’s GDP and create over half a million new jobs by 2033 [1]. Innovative startups less than 2 years old, created 90% of new jobs in Australia over recent years [2]. These are the productive, high paying jobs all countries need to prosper. While “traditional” jobs are disappearing all around the world, a fast growing startup sector is a critical economic imperative. New Zealand, China, London, South Korea, Canada, Tel Aviv, and Singapore are all investing heavily in creating their own version of Silicon Valley. Fortunately, the Australian government has shifted focus from the resources sector to the startup sector, introducing generous tax advantages for investors and support for entrepreneurs.

Australian tax incentives

Investors in eligible early stage companies benefit from a 20% income tax rebate and 10 years Australian capital gains tax exemption.

Investments in the Jelix Innovation Fund 1 benefit from an Australian income and capital gains tax exemption as an early stage venture capital funds (“ESVCLP”s) .

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For startups

There is a generous R&D tax rebate, hundreds of grants, and a myriad of incubators, accelerators and co-working hubs. Investing in startups is an opportunity to help accelerate the growth of new businesses that will bolster the Australian economy and make the world a better place.

[1] https://www.digitalpulse.pwc.com.au/australian-tech-startup-ecosystem/

[2] ‘The Venture Capital Effect’, June 2017, Australian Venture Capital Association

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