Why invest in technology startups?

Technology startups can produce outsized returns. Who does not want to invest in the next Facebook, Uber or Atlassian.

Technology companies can scale incredibly quickly. The top five most valuable companies in the world are technology companies (Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook). Between them these five companies are worth more than double the entire value of the ASX.  Sixteen new unicorns were created in the first quarter of 2017 alone [1]

Even without a giant hit, the best returns on tech investments are from private and not listed companies[2]. Further, multiple studies demonstrate that carefully selected and managed portfolios of angel investments can produce an annual return of over 25% or more.*[3]

In comparison, returns on traditional investments are unappealing; e.g. Australian bank deposits: 2.7%, bonds: 2.9%, property: 3% and dividend yields: 6% and global shares: 2.5%.[4]

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