Investor education

If you are a beginner Angel investor, an experienced Angel, or just unsure, we encourage you to attend pitch events, invest alongside experienced early stage investors, and read widely.

  • “Angel Investing” by David Rose. This is a straightforward explanation of angel investing and how it works.
  • “Angel” by Jason Calacanis. This is a good guide to how to start angel investing.
  • “Venture Deals” by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson. This is the venture capitalists bible.
  • Crossroads Report 2017” by Colin Kinear for StartupAus  This is an excellent overview of the Australian startup ecosystem and provides great context in which to invest in Australian startups.

For a more extensive reading list on the startup sector generally see


Jelix angel investor training sessions

We are currently planning angel investors training sessions. To be notified when available in Sydney, please indicate your interest here.

1. Angel Investing Overview

This is an opportunity for you to dip your toes in to see if the exciting world of investing in the next Facebook, Uber or Atlassian (potentially) excites you. We will explore:

  • opportunities for making outstanding returns
  • the risks in angel investing
  • proven ways to mitigate these risks, including a proven portfolio development strategy unique to angel/seed stage investing
  • how to work out how much to invest and why
  • tax advantages, including ESIC and ESVCLPs
  • overview of the investment process

2. What to Invest In and Why

  • how to access deal flow
  • what to look for & why
  • due diligence process
  • how to value a startup investment
  • cap table considerations

3. Terms Sheets & Syndications

  • terms to provide sensible investor protections, incentivise founders & not impede future funding
  • co-investing and syndications
  • high level overview of legal “structure” alternatives
  • documentation
  • process of closing the deal
  • ongoing investment management (boards, investor reporting)

See investment opportunities currently available.