Abyss provides breakthrough improvement in speed and accuracy of data analysis to enable cost-effective targeting of maintenance efforts. Innovative machine learning enables Abyss to automatically detect, characterise and quantify surface corrosion from visual images, to better inform testing, corrosion monitoring and painting for valuable assets such as oil platforms. This generates dramatic efficiency gains and risk reduction.
Why Jelix invested
Compelling value proposition with significant growth opportunity
Oil and Gas (O&G) companies consciously overspend $ billions on maintenance (because poor data and analysis leads to poor understanding of maintenance needs) to avoid the catastrophic consequences of failure (shutdowns can cost up to $10m per day and environmental damage can be catastrophic e.g. Deep Water Horizon).
Abyss can drive significant cost savings and reduce risk.

Works with its own or client-captured data, integrating this with both Abyss and client software.

Innovative, breakthrough technology with vast commercial applications

Patented, deep-tech (machine learning, computer vision, robotics) technology suite for asset condition assessment in challenging environments, including underwater.
Scalable hardware and software solutions tailored for the customer’s needs.

Breakthrough improvement on current maintenance best practice.

Significant first mover advantage and deep competitive ‘moat’

Sticky product with very high technical barrier to entry.
Clear R&D roadmap to maintain and expand the offering.

Strong IP and deep product development pipeline underpin sustainable competitive advantage.

Opportunity to disrupt huge global industries

Proven use cases across O&G and water utility industries.
Overwhelmingly positive feedback from existing customers.
Strong and experienced technology, operations, sales and commercial teams.

Growing fast in a slow-moving industry

Growing and loyal customer base of large oil companies and water utilities in multiple geographies.

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