Alauda is creating a new global racing series to fund and fuel electric aviation technology development, to build brand, and to create a market for its high-performance vehicles.

Why Jelix invested

Changing the world!

Urban Air Mobility (“UAM”) will truly change the world. We see a future where with zero emissions, people and things travel quickly, safely and efficiently, unimpeded by traffic and other obstacles, on multiple planes/dimensions above the ground aided by precision guidance and effective anti-collision software.

Extraordinary and visionary founder with a proven entrepreneurial track record

As a 22 year old Matt co-founded Honcho, an automated business registration platform and over the next 5 years grew this into a significantly profitable business registering 100,000 businesses a year and generating revenue of $20m p.a. In a quest to build something more inspirational, he went on to co-found Fleet, a visionary Industrial IoT business which launched 4 satellites into space 3 years later and was instrumental in establishing Australia’s first space agency.

Innovative commercialisation model

The business model leverages key obstacles to the UAM industry including regulations, battery chemistry and noise.

Great early customer traction and first mover advantage

Current prototypes work! They are 3m long, 80kg mass, lift 100kg and can fly at up to 100kph! Alauda has developed core technology IP in its high-performance flight controller built for racing.

Huge, global addressable market

Morgan Stanley has forecast a $1.5T global market opportunity for UAM and related services by 2035.

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