Catalyst helps organisations predict and successfully overcome critical events. Its unique self-service SaaS platform allows customers to: proactively monitor and assess business threats,  communicate with their stakeholders in a crisis and automate the crisis response workflow.

Why Jelix is investing

Creating an opportunity to disrupt huge global industries with legacy systems

Catalyst has a strong pedigree in the crisis management space, an agile tech start-up mindset with a foundation of engaged clients and growing recurring revenue.

Deeply disruptive GTM strategy

Enabled by technology, a freemium model amplified by distribution channels to power rapid sales growth, allowing Catalyst to address largely untapped markets.

Proven team capability to execute

The founder has deep domain expertise (as has his team) and has proven his ability to drive business growth as a co-founder and key driver of 15 years of y-o-y growth in Catalyst target markets leading to successful exits. Key team members have demonstrated their capacity to work together effectively over many years.

Encouraging early traction

Leveraging legacy clients. Early and growing recurring revenue.

Significant first mover advantage and deep competitive ‘moat’ –

Slow-moving top-down competitors that sell vertically with no product innovation.

Increasing global demand

Global risk factors, increased awareness, increased regulation and hardening insurance market driving strong demand for better crisis management capability.

Significant growth opportunity with compelling value proposition

Using existing business as usual (BAU) channels, omni-channel communications integrations, automations and AI insights.

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