Clipboard helps schools manage the administration of their extracurricular activities. It is a one-stop-shop for extracurricular data and processes, allowing schools to access reporting and analytics that they would otherwise be unable to utilise.

Why Jelix invested

Initial evidence of product market fit

● Rapid customer and MRR growth in 2019
● No churn amongst paying customers
● Some of Australia’s top schools are already paying customers: The Scots College – Sydney, St Joseph’s College (Joeys), Waverley College, Pymble Ladies’ College, Barker College, Knox Grammar School, Kincoppal-Rose Bay, PLC Sydney
● Inbound leads from schools in numerous countries without any marketing spend, representing organic demand

Under-serviced market with global potential

● Niche global market of $1.8b with little activity in it, not palatable for big players
● Replacing legacy systems and paper based processes and other competitors are using clunky old technology
● Strong and growing demand from schools globally for an easy to use and effective system to manage their extracurricular programs

Young tenacious team that felt the problem firsthand

● First-hand experience with the problems, having identified the issues in extracurricular management while working as basketball coaches in independent schools
● Both are technical founders and are full-stack developers that have built the first versions of product themselves
● Customer first approach with a strong product orientation. According to one customer, “customer service is exceptional.”

An effective and sticky solution with a laser sharp focus

● Helping schools manage their extracurricular activities, saving time and increasing accountability and enhancing internal and external communication
● Better parent/student experience
● Benefiting from network effects and strong credentials in the market
● Loyal customers who love the product. “Clipboard’s workflow is priceless – I don’t need to do paper anymore”.

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