School teachers spend a great deal of time planning and preparing classes for the upcoming year. This is challenging as the course structure, lesson plans, and materials must all meet curricula requirements for their classes and school – and can quickly become outdated.

By subscribing to Inquisitive, teachers can access quality interactive lessons across a range of topics. Each has a key inquiry question from the curriculum and can be adjusted to suit the time available, student abilities, and topic interest. Students are presented with original stimulus resources to spark interest, and then guided with the skills and concepts needed for the inquiry.

Preparation time for teachers has been minimised by weaving all requirements of the Australian Curriculum and state requirements into the lessons.

Inquisitive also makes it easy for teachers to share classes and cover another teacher’s absence, as it’s easy to see where the class is up to.

Why Jelix invested

Extraordinary founder with proven track record

  • Tim Power, the founder of Mathletics and Spellodrome is arguably one of the world’s leading experts in education tech.
  • Tim’s previous venture, 3P Learning, raised $282.7 million through the float of circa 80% of the company, giving an ­indicative market capitalisation of $330 million.
  • Tim has spent the last two years building Inquisitive from scratch and has made a significant investment in the business.
  • Tim also co-founded ClickView and is ex CEO of the World Education Games

Innovative product solving a big problem for teachers

  • Teachers must keep up with curricula and don’t have enough time prepare lessons.
  • Inquisitive’s original and engaging content has great depth and quality.
  • The platform is super easy to use, intuitive and interactive for kids.
  • The platform can automatically generate a teaching and learning program for a teacher and class to access. Future AI capabilities will create a personalised AI teaching assistant, further improving the teaching experience.

High demand in a global market without any real competition

  • The global addressable market size is $1.5b (Australia, NZ, Canada, US, international schools and Middle East). There are 276,307 teachers in 10,730 Australian schools and 3,583,581 teachers in 129,190 schools in the USA.
  • There is no real competition: Inquisitive is faster, smarter, more useful, and cheaper than any alternative.