Josef is a next-generation legal automation platform that empowers lawyers to build, deploy and scale automated legal services.

Using Josef’s intuitive workflow builder and integrated custom-built document automation platform, lawyers create bots to handle high volume, repetitive workflows. The bots’ intuitive and engaging conversational interface is a new way for lawyers to communicate with, and provide services to, their clients.

Josef is easier to use than existing platforms, reducing the need for extensive training and breaking down the IT and “innovation” silos around legal tech. Josef overcomes barriers to legal automation by enabling any lawyer, anywhere, to efficiently develop online client-facing legal solutions.

Josef has operated in both Australia and the US since its launch in May 2018 and works across the legal industry, from global top-tier commercial firms to in-house legal teams at large corporates and national consumer law firms. Josef is led by a team of lawyers and software engineers who envisage a legal industry that works for everyone. As a Startmate graduate, Josef’s development has been boosted by support from some of the best mentors in Australia.

Why Jelix invested

  • Huge global market: A $1.45B and growing global addressable market from day one. Cross-sector demand with multiple clients in key verticals (large and small commercial firms, personal injury and in-house legal teams).
  • Convincing early evidence of strong product-market fit:
    • Customer feedback and initial traction are excellent, indicating that this is an engaging, innovative solution to a real problem.
    • Josef pilots are in place at top tier firms and in-house legal teams at marquee brands.
  • Potential to service unmet needs: Josef is effectively commoditising legal services by enabling lawyers to scale services for clients with simple issues. There is huge potential to service SMEs and individuals with legal issues who do not currently use legal services.

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