StorReduce offers innovative technology that helps reduce the cost, bandwidth and time associated with moving, storing and analyzing very large amounts of data into the cloud.

The company is based in Foster City, CA and was founded by Vanessa Wilson, Hugh Emberson and Mark Cox.

Why Jelix invested

Market opportunity

According to Gartner, data is growing in excess of 50% per year. This is creating challenges for traditional storage systems. At the same time the cloud is introducing new services that enable companies to utilize their stored data for analytical purposes and to greatly enhance compliance.

Object storage and public cloud storage solve many of the problems of traditional storage systems because they can scale, save cost and have no single points of potential data loss or contention across the system.

Object storage is a computer data storage architecture that manages data as objects, as opposed to other storage architectures, such as file systems, which manage data as a file hierarchy, and block storage, which manages data as blocks within sectors and track. Object-storage systems allow retention of massive amounts of unstructured data and is used, for example, to store photos on Facebook, songs on Spotify, and files in online collaboration services such as Dropbox, and their associated metadata, more commonly known as tags.

Object storage and public cloud are missing essential characteristics that are required for further adoption by enterprises, such as deduplication, deduplicated replication between clouds/object stores, object cloning and metadata extraction.

StorReduce provides these essential characteristics.

Backup Market

The market most ripe for disruption is the backup storage market. For the past 15 years, most enterprises have had a dual backup strategy. They stored one set of backups to Purpose Built Backup Appliances (PBBAs), which are large appliances full of hard disks, typically residing in a data center, and a second set that are written to tape and stored offsite. The PBBA market is large: PBBA revenue in 2016 was $3.37 billion (IDC). PBBA offerings include DellEMC Data Domain, Veritas NetBackup Appliances, Hewlett Packard Enterprise StoreOnce and Quantum DXIs. Tape revenue is in the billions, with vendors including IBM, Hewlett Packard and Iron Mountain.

StorReduce, with object storage or public cloud, can replace PBBAs and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 80%, and large scale tape backups with TCO savings of 20-60%.

StorReduce has major advantages over other systems in that it scales to the largest volumes of data and it has no single points of failure, which is unlocking pent-up demand for such data movement.

Cloud Services – Analytics

StorReduce uniquely enables enterprises to search, mine and learn from their backup data at scale once it has been moved into the cloud.

StorReduce makes it very easy to use generic cloud services, such as search, artificial intelligence and big data techniques, and has enormous potential in markets such as:

  • full text search inside stored backups at very large scale, rather than just in
    document titles, which optimizes compliance; and
  • improving security significantly by malware detection and rolling back to
    previous backup versions

StorReduce, an upstart focused exclusively on enterprise backup, is partnering with object storage vendors such as AWS, Microsoft and HGST. StorReduce aims to provide much needed functionality to a market that otherwise has dismal support for deduplication.” — Gartner, The Future of Object Storage, 27 June 2017

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