Whooshkaa helps creators and brands to host, share and track audio on-demand content. Whooshkaa’s tech stack assists companies with on-demand audio hosting, recording, distribution and commercialisation via its innovative solutions for audio technology and sales.

The company is based in Sydney and was founded by Robert Loewenthal, a former leader of Sydney’s biggest talk back radio station, Radio 2GB.

The proliferation of smartphones is leading to an explosion in digital audio content. Each month, 5,000 podcasts are added to iTunes. Companies such as Amazon and Google are pushing their voice-enabled smart speakers out to the masses. The world is moving in the direction of on-demand content.

Audio holds a number of advantages over video: you can drive to work, cook dinner or wire your house while listening to podcasts. This multitasking is something people would do while listening to broadcast radio but on-demand audio is changing the landscape and taking the radio’s place.

People switch to podcasts as the listening technology becomes more accessible. Systems such as Amazon’s Echo can start playing a podcast through simple voice activation, with no need to use your smartphone. The confluence of easier (and smarter) listening technology, growth in listening audiences and Millennials becoming such a large share of podcast listeners, point to the reality that advertising dollars will continue to shift to the medium over the next few years.

Whooshkaa’s complete end-to-end audio solution is first of a kind and presents a unique opportunity to revolutionise the audio on demand market.

Why Jelix invested

Podcast advertising market

Global podcast revenue is forecast to reach $1bn by 2022 and Whooshkaa is targeting a 25% market share. The platform hosts and commercialise audio content and supports creators from concepts to commendation with content, technology, sales and analytics.

By combining artificial intelligence with insights for powerful audio experiences, Whooshkaa can generate targeted content and ads based on an audience’s profile.

Audio technology

Research from Edison out of the US shows that 112 million Americans listened to a podcast in 2016 and 67 million listen every month. It is estimated that podcast listening leads to a 50% reduction in radio listening and that by 2019, 67m voice assisted devices will be in the U.S. (eMarketer, 2017) and by 2020 50% of online searches will be voice (ComScore, 2016). In addition, connected home technology has been adopted faster in three years than smart phones in 2008 (Techcrunch). This rapid growth is likely to produce a huge market over the next five years.

Whooshkaa has forged partnerships with the likes of Amazon and Facebook and is building innovative audio technology – not limited to podcasting, but across all digital audio.  The Whooshkaa SaaS toolkit is at the cutting edge of this industry and provides audio strategies across all devices. Whooshkaa’s rich suite of APIs enable organisations to integrate their systems to programmatically manage audio content, shows, podcasts and any other audio experiences.

Hosting & distribution

Whooshkaa’s platform hosts podcasts free of charge, enables audio content creators to generate ad dollars in a largely untapped space, and connects listeners to thousands of podcasts and over four million streams every month. The platform delivers a robust end-to-end audio solutions:

  • Distribution across every podcast platform (Apple, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, PocketCasts, etc);
  • Amplification tools for online and social (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Providing significant amplification and targeting opportunities;
  • Access to Facebook ‘inline’ native audio player;
  • Real time analytics;
  • Wavess – editing tools;
  • Video to audio conversion;
  • Generate and distribute audiobooks;
  • Multi user access;
  • Live broadcasting;
  • Text to voice and voice to text transformation in real time.


MyCast is a locally delivered end-to-end licence platform. It is a B2B solution allowing companies and content makers to generate personalised audit feeds for customers, consumers and staff using AI and Whooshkaa’s audio technology. It can generate and stitch AI-powered and human-read content, personalised across news, commuter information, sport, weather, music, audiobooks, podcasts and much more. The service includes large scale, dynamic content injection.

Whooshkaa also produces podcast ads, shows for publishers and branded podcasts. Whooshkaa has experience building similar podcasts for brands in Australia including Mercedes, Danone, City of Sydeney, GE etc.  This is a different proposition to injecting ads in podcasts.

Competition & differentiators

There are many emerging companies in the audio tech space, however none offer the end-to-end audio solutions that Whooshkaa provides.

Most hosting platforms operate in the podcast space only.  Whooshkaa is building innovative audio technology (e.g. transcription) not limited to podcasting but across all digital audio.  The company is investing heavily in artificial intelligence, enabling fully automated audio and transcription to be created in less than 30 seconds.