Sinorbis, Jelix’s latest investment round, wins Mumbrella ‘Best Technology Company of the Year’ Award!

By June 29, 2018News

Jelix is excited to be leading an investment round into Sinorbis.

Sinorbis makes digital marketing in China easy for Western companies. The China online market is the largest in the world but there are serious barriers to entry for Western companies. Sinorbis, a company based in Sydney, provides an effective solution offering Western companies a simple, but high performing digital marketing presence in China.

The Chinese market is larger than the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan combined. However, 94% of Western websites are not visible in or optimised for China. 25% of digital users in the world are in China and the Chinese digital marketing spend in 2017 was US$2.93b and is estimated to increase to US$13.61b by 2022.

The barriers to Western companies entering the China market are high, including technical access limitations imposed by the great firewall of China, information regulation and blocking of traditional channels such as Google and Facebook. Further, Western companies understanding of the China ecosystem is limited by scarce and conflicting information as well as cultural and language barriers.

Current solutions, including using Chinese digital agencies and disparate marketing tools, make for slow market entry requiring significant investment with high risk and missed opportunities. Western companies rely heavily on third parties for digital marketing and lack visibility and control.

The Sinorbis integrated marketing platform is a ‘world’s first’ and removes barriers to western companies entering the largest online market in the world, China. Sinorbis makes it easy for western companies to create, measure and optimise their digital presence in China. It enables them to quickly build a search optimised website and publish WeChat content and grow and engage their follower base. It offers:

Accelerated speed to market – launch of a digital presence within weeks without having to jump the usual administrative hurdles
Reduced cost – set up and manage digital marketing initiatives in China at a fraction of the investment previously required
Increased control – an integrated view of all digital initiatives in China

Here’s why we are investing

Huge and growing addressable market

• The China market is 2.5x size of US market
• 25% of the world’s digital users are in China
• Chinese digital marketing spend in 2017 was US$3b

Team with a strong track record in building large international digital and technology businesses

• Nico Chu, the founder and CEO has been the Global President of Hotel Club and Ebookers (30 markets – US$2.5b annual turnover) and Managing Director of Expedia Australia and New Zealand.
• Nico selected key management team members based on excellent experience of working with them previously.

Significant global traction indicates product market fit

• Significant paid subscriptions signed since the commercial launch of the platform in July 2017 including prominent clients such as BMW Australia, Sydney Airport, Moelis Australia, Pharmacare, UNSW, UWA, Western Sydney University, UTAS and VEEM.

Consistent growth in recurring revenue

• A subscription model business that has produced strong and smooth recurring revenue growth.

Register on the Jelix website for a chance to invest: /investment/sinorbis/

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