Entrepreneur education

Prior to embarking on fundraising we advise entrepreneurs to educate themselves on the process and the terms. It is important that you understand well what you are signing up for and the potential ramifications further down the track. Signing up to the wrong terms can have disastrous consequences.


We suggest you read these basic texts or something similar, so that you understand common terms.

  • ‘Venture Deals’ Brad Feld and John Mendelsohn
  • ‘Angel Investing’ by David Rose

As Ian says, Knowledge is power. Be more Tony Stark and read this list

Innovation Bay

Register as an entrepreneur and come along to the breakfast events for networking and hear pearls of wisdom from successful entrepreneurs, investors and other startup community luminaries. 


Listen to Ian’s podcast ‘Open the Pod Bay Doors’ another way to listen and learn from startup sector superstars. Brownie points if you don’t need help making the Space Odessy 2001 connection.

Jelix Q & A session

You can also attend our monthly informal Founder Q & A on very early fundraising.

When : First Tuesday of the month at 12.30pm-2pm from March to November
Where: Stone & Chalk, Sydney, CBD


  • Bring along your lunch & questions
  • Register on the Stone & Chalk website stoneandchalk.com.au or email us on team@jelix.vc to let us know if you would like to come along – this way we can let you know if the time or date changes.

Sources of Funding

Female Founders

If you are a female founder we suggest you explore the following fabulous resources:

  • Heads Over Heels: Cherry picking strong female founders and helping them accelerate growth by way of powerful introductions and coaching   http://headsoverheels.com.au/
  • SpringBoard: Bootcamp for women founders- helping clarify business model, coaching, pitch training and more –  https://sb.co/
  • Elevacao: Pitch training and more, for very early stage female tech founders   http://www.elevacao.org/
  • Inspiring Rare Birds: All sorts of training sessions and resources aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs, including a dedicated grants application expert  http://www.inspiringrarebirds.com/
  • Scale: Women angel investors funding women entrepreneurs  http://scaleinvestors.com.au/
  • LMBDW ( ie Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine)- young, vibrant, global network of women entrepreneurs, co- founded by the fabulous Gen George  http://likemindedbitches.com/