How it works




Due diligence

Our due diligence process includes getting to know you, evaluating your business model and technical due diligence by our expert.

Agree terms

We work to set the foundations for a win-win. The only way Jelix and our investors do well is if your business succeeds. We require fair terms structured to incentivise founders to grow their business rapidly and providing sensible protections for investors and founders.

Jelix presents opportunity to investors

We present the investment opportunity to our network of sophisticated investors, inviting them to browse the opportunity details and our analysis on our website, ask questions on our Q&A portal and meet the founders via video or in person at a pitch/Q & A session in Sydney.


Investment commitments are taken on the Jelix platform or by email to Jelix, and lawyers document and close the investment round.


You can elect to use the Jelix nominee company to provide a single entity on your capitalisation table. Either way, Jelix provides a single touch point for investor communications but you can still leverage the expertise and networks of Jelix and our investors for ongoing support to accelerate growth.
Generally, Jelix takes a board seat and where appropriate, encourages a syndicate member to take this seat where that investor can add value and the founders agree. Startups provide regular investor updates to Jelix and we distribute these to Jelix investors for you. You also benefit from the collective expertise and connections of Jelix investors.
Where we do not invest by way of a single entity, Jelix obtains a proxy to vote on shareholders resolutions for all Jelix syndicate members ensuring you have a single touch point for Jelix investors.