About us

Jelix Ventures is a respected and valued source of early stage investment opportunities in world class Australian and New Zealand technology startups. With decades of hands-on entrepreneurial and startup investing experience, extensive contacts and unparalleled access to deal flow, Jelix is in an unmatched position to produce strong returns for investors and entrepreneurs.

We invest in visionary young technology companies to accelerate growth. We focus on globally scalable businesses positioned to disrupt traditional markets with innovative technology, led by extraordinary entrepreneurs.

Jelix provides a better way to invest in the exciting, high risk high return asset class, startups. We source, vet and carefully select investment opportunities, invest our own funds and invite our registered investors worldwide to invest on the same terms. We provide post-investment support to our portfolio companies which benefit from our connections and expertise and that of our investors, and in larger rounds we take a board seat. From the comfort of a desk or sofa, our registered investors can browse our analysis of investment opportunities and easily invest to build their diversified portfolio.

At Jelix, we are passionate about providing investors with sector insider access to outstanding early stage investment opportunities and supporting founders to accelerate business growth. We want investors to benefit from outsized returns and to encourage further investment into the Australian and New Zealand ecosystem. We want outstanding founders with extraordinary ideas to obtain the financial fuel and ongoing support they need to realise their vision.

Our vision is to be the most sought after source of early-stage technology investment opportunities in Australia, for investors globally, and the preferred source of funds for entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to support innovation and promote the technology startup sector in Australia while generating outstanding returns for our investors. We love the excitement of potentially world changing technology and business models, and the tremendously positive and generous nature of the sector where so many are keen to help each other change the world.

Jelix is led by startup sector insiders, both experienced investors and entrepreneurs.

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Jelix makes startup investing easy

Given the time, you would immerse yourself in the Australian startup sector, meet hundreds of founders and listen to their pitches, travel to all the pitch events, attend conferences and build strong relationships with the most successful angel investors and VCs and continually research the sector and early stage investment strategies. You would source, carefully select and meticulously vet early stage deals, negotiate terms and bring together sufficient investments from other angels to make the investment workable. It would be your full time job.

Jelix does all this for you. And we love it. You can confidently build a diverse portfolio, benefitting from our access to deals as sector insiders and our expertise developed over decades in the startup sector as both entrepreneurs and investors.  We select, curate and execute investments carefully to maximise the chances of producing strong returns.

  • Investing with Jelix gives you access to deals usually reserved for sector insiders, through
    • our extensive networks in the Australian startup sector
    • Innovation Bay, leveraging its extensive networks and exemplary reputation in the sector (Jelix’s Investment Partner, Ian Gardiner, is a co-founder of Innovation Bay)
    • working from the NSW Startup Hub alongside 100s of startups
    • our active involvement in Fintech Australia, Heads over Heels, Springboard, Elevacao, and Inspiring Rare Birds
  • Jelix makes it easy for you to consider and invest in a startup by managing the entire process. We cherry-pick opportunities, carry out due diligence, provide investors with Q & A opportunities with founders, pre-negotiate the deal, and manage the transaction, future administration and investor reporting. You can simply review the opportunities from your sofa or desk and decide whether to invest.
  • Investors can benefit from the new Australian tax incentives for investments in innovative startups (subject to qualification).
  • Investing in startups is always risky,  but when investing with Jelix, investors can be confident that our highly selected investment offers have been rigourously vetted with due diligence and analytics informed by years in global investment banking and the law. We also provide ongoing support and guidance to investee companies by way of coaching, mentorship, and access to our connections and extensive networks. Jelix takes a board role in bigger deals and encourages syndicate members to take on this role where they can add value.