Jelix guiding principles for success

The sustained and rapid growth of AWS fuelled at least in part by its almost biblical adherence to its leadership principles, together with Steven Shallenbergers ‘The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders’ inspired us to come up with our own Principles for Success.

Uncompromising High Standards

Set and keep standards super high.  Ensure problems are fixed and stay fixed and are never sent down the line.

Have Integrity

Integrity, honesty & treating others with respect. Our moral values underpin all.

Customers First

Work conscientiously and energetically to ensure the highest standards of service to our investors and to support our entrepreneurs.

"A" Calibre Hires & Development

Business success means never compromising on calibre of hires, development and promotion.

Plan Work & Prioritise Time

Plan to achieve goals and schedule in most important tasks.

Evaluate & Iterate

Evaluate and modify accordingly and be sceptical when metrics and anecdotes fail to correlate.

Voracious Appetite To Learn

Actively listen, read and learn.  Performance flattens with the learning curve.  And learning is fun.


Never give up. Course correct when necessary, but persist.


Take responsibility for our actions including where self-criticism is warranted and work for the benefit of the whole Jelix business, its partners, investors and portfolio companies. Radical Candour -Listen and have the courage to express our independent views and feedback respectfully and tenaciously but commit wholly to a decision once made.


Act quickly and iterate later; take calculated risks. Launch something that could cause a touch of embarrassment but never that we would be ashamed of.