Jelix Innovation Fund 1

Our flagship fund is managed by our founders: seasoned entrepreneurs with decades of experience in establishing and growing early stage startups


  • Investment banker
  • Corporate lawyer and experienced investor
  • Board director and advisor
  • Successful track record as a startup investor


  • Ex-Head of startups for AWS in ANZ
  • Track record of success as tech entrepreneur and investor
  • Co-founder of Innovation Bay
  • Tech entrepreneur of year and Pearcy Award winner

Following four years leading successful syndicated investments, and our first 10x RoI exit, Jelix is raising a venture fund. This gives us the opportunity to focus on our unique deal flow, and investors a ‘set and forget’ option where they leave the selection of startups to us.

Investing in a fund offers investors the opportunity to invest in a professionally curated and diversified portfolio of startup investments.

  • Build a portfolio of professionally sourced companies – leave the due diligence in our experienced hands
  • Benefit from fund economics
  • Invest to contribute towards qualifying for an Austalian SIV visa (see below) 
  • Receive regular updates on fund news, as well as detailed quarterly summary of the fund’s performance
  • Overseen by Andrea and Ian, who provide mentorship, support and management expertise to portfolio companies
  • Seeding and scaling a carefully curated portfolio of global early stage companies with the potential to change the world
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Will Jelix invest its own capital into the funds?

Yes, Jelix invests in every portfolio company on the Jelix platform and will invest in the Jelix Innovation Fund 1.

Who decides how much I invest and in which companies?

You choose how much to invest in the fund, with a minimum investment of $200,000. The General Partners of the fund decide in which companies the fund invests.

How long does it take before I can see returns from a fund?

The fund will be structured as an ESVLP (Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership) with a lifetime of 10 years, with options to extend if not all the companies have had an exit. The fund will provide distributions throughout the life of the fund, as companies have exits and capital becomes available.

What types of fees are associated with the fund?

Link to separate table of funds to come

What are the tax implications of investing?

The fund will be structured as an ESVCLP (Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership) providing flow-through tax treatment and no Australian tax liability on income or capital gains for Limited Partners (ie investors) for more, please see the ESVCLP page on the ATO’s website:

What type of companies will the fund invest in?

The fund will target Seed to Series A investments into high-calibre founders who show tenacity, intelligence, integrity, humility and a willingness to admit what they don’t know, along with a huge appetite for learning. We like getting to know founders over a long time before we invest. We prefer software businesses operating in a huge market. We also prefer what we call “deep-tech” startups, ie those using their own technology as a core value proposition, rather than those who are enabled by other people’s technology.

How many companies will be in the fund?

The fund’s target is investing in 7-10 companies per year, to a total of 30-35 portfolio companies

Who can participate?

Institutional investors or sophisticated investors (ie, an investor who has had a gross annual income of $250,000 or more in each of the previous two years or has net assets of at least $2.5 million, as prescribed by the Corporations Regulations 2001).

What documentation do I need to provide and sign?

Investors will receive a draft version of the articles of partnership for the fund, and a draft version of the fund’s subscription agreement. The initial onboarding package will be tailored depending on the residence and entity type of the investor and will contain a brief questionnaire, tax document, and form for banking details. Once the fund closes, investors will receive the executed articles of partnership.

About SIV visas

More to come here.