How it works

We syndicate investments and invest our own funds into innovative, globally scalable young tech companies we judge to be in the strongest position to produce outstanding returns. ‘Accredited’ Investors who value access to our sector insider deal flow, or who may simply not have the time or perhaps the expertise to source deals and mitigate risk, can invest in our highly selected investment opportunities.

Jelix does the heavy lifting for you, with our thorough due diligence, careful deal structuring, syndicate building and providing ongoing support to investee companies. This allows you to build a carefully curated portfolio of highly vetted startup investments.

Because we are wholly incentivised by investment performance and not from charging fees to startups, you can be confident that we genuinely judge our investments to be the most likely to produce the strongest returns.

Our investor-led platform makes it easy for you to invest in this exciting asset class.


Register as an investor

Use the pink button above. Please note you must be a sophisticated investor.

Explore investment opportunities

Explore investment opportunity details from the comfort of your desk or sofa, review the analyses of sector insiders and industry experts, and meet the founders via video (or in person at the pitch event) before deciding to invest.

Invest alongside sector insiders

Invest as little at AUD$20k on the terms negotiated by Jelix, alongside experienced angel investors and respected VCs. Your funds will be held in our client's funds trust account until the investment round closes.

Receive investor updates

Jelix will email you regular investor updates which you will soon be able to access anytime on your Jelix dashboard. We will also post requests from portfolio companies for strategic introductions or expert advice.

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