Investor education

If you are a beginner Angel investor, an experienced Angel, or just unsure, we encourage you to attend pitch events, invest alongside experienced early stage investors, and read widely.

  • Angel Investing by David S Rose: a comprehensive and straightforward explanation of how angel investing works.
  • Angel by Jason Calacanis: a good guide to how to source deals and start angel investing.
  • Venture Deals by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson: the venture capitalist’s bible.
  • Crossroads V 2018 – the fifth edition of StartupAus’s excellent overview of the Australian startup ecosystem provides great context in which to invest in Australian startups. It includes a foreword by Canva CEO Melanie Perkins, reflects on five years of growth for Australia’s startup sector, and details emerging challenges.


  • Open the Pod Bay Doors hosted by Ian Gardiner, Investment Partner, Jelix Ventures – another way to listen and learn from startup sector superstars. Brownie points if you don’t need help making the Space Odessy 2001 connection.

Innovation Bay

Join Innovation Bay as an investor and come along to the founder dinners (highly curated pitch and networking events) and breakfast events for networking and to hear pearls of wisdom from successful entrepreneurs, investors and other startup community luminaries. 

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