Jelix makes fundraising easy so you can focus on building your business

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Jelix makes fundraising easy so you can focus on building your business. We don’t charge startups fees to raise funds for you or to appear on our platform. Instead we cherry pick the best investment opportunities we can find, invest our own funds and invite our registered investors to invest on the same terms. Our revenue model is to charge our investors performance weighted fees. So our investors win and we win when you do.

Entrepreneurs struggle to raise funds at the early stage of their business. You can spend fruitless hours door-knocking that could be spent growing your business, and you risk being saddled with unhelpful investors or terms.

Jelix founders have ridden the startup roller coaster and understand the challenges.  We provide smart money, by way of our expertise and connections to help you accelerate business growth.

Why Jelix?

Syndicates of angel investors are the usual way of funding young companies at the seed stage. The time required to source investments and convince angels is huge. The expertise of angel investor groups can vary greatly and they can take months on due diligence only for entrepreneurs to find that due to a lack of leadership amongst investors, the syndicate cannot raise enough capital to proceed or the terms offered are not structured to promote business growth.

Equity crowdfunding is an alternative, but can cost you up to 8% of your raise in fees, and 5% in carry for your investors and provides funds without the benefit of the expertise and networks of experienced investors and mentors. Then you can be stuck with managing and reporting to potentially hundreds or even thousands of very small investors.

The Jelix, investor-led, equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors, solves these problems for you by providing “smart money” the easy way. You benefit from

  • guidance through an easy, cost effective fundraising process
  • fair terms on standard documents
  • access to our extensive network of angel investors and entrepreneurs
  • having the investor syndicate built & funds raised for you
  • having the transaction managed for you
  • our investment of own funds which incentivises us to help you succeed
  • our connections & expertise & that of our investors, to accelerate business growth
  • a single touch point to manage investor communications
  • follow-on investment rights providing a framework to raise future funds

At Jelix, we are passionate about helping you as an entrepreneur to realise your vision to change the world and build the next Facebook or Atlassian. We are entrepreneurs and have experienced the rollercoaster ride of starting and growing companies. We have helped tens of founders grow their businesses over the last decade. This, together with our networks and our genuine commitment to support you, differentiates us. While recognising that you are the expert in your business, we offer you the benefit of our experience and networks.

Fundraising made easy so you can focus on building your business.

Access Investors

Access our global investor base.

Smart Money

Leverage our expertise & connections & those of our investors.

Save Time & Money

We don’t charge you fundraising or platform fees and we raise the funds for you.


We have experienced the startup rollercoaster and will support you all the way.

“Jelix led our successful first seed funding round of $1m and has provided us with phenomenal support ever since. Through their extensive network, tagSpace has been introduced to dozens of companies and individuals across Australia and the USA for both investment and strategic partnerships. From a founder’s perspective I cannot express enough the appreciation and gratitude I have for Andrea and Ian Gardiners’ support, counsel and guidance. Andrea is a person of integrity and strikes the perfect balance between doing what’s right for her investors and entrepreneurs. As a start-up entrepreneur, if you’re looking for some truly smart money to grow your business in Australia, this should be your first port of call.”
Paul Simon MartinFounder & CEO, tagSpace

“Andrea and Ian Gardiner and Jelix’s investors, could not have had a more powerful positive impact on StorReduce’s trajectory.  Due to their stellar reputation and investment in us, we have been trusted by both prospective clients which helped get enterprise sales over the line, and by other respected and valuable investors who went on to invest in us. We have received game-changing introductions to clouds internationally and continue to benefit from strategic advice on building our business from both Jelix and the entrepreneurs and business executives who invested through Jelix. Plus, they are easy and fun to deal with. We could not recommend them more highly to other startups.”
Vanessa WilsonCo-Founder & CEO, StorReduce

“We raised part of our last round with Jelix. We think the investment process is about choosing a partner, not money, so the decision to work with them was easy. Andrea and her team are smart and well connected. They helped us address specific value-gaps that were impeding our growth.  Most importantly they were prepared to give our business real time and commitment. They also believe ‘a long-term focus’ is always better than a quick exit and have put in place a permanent capital structure to match that philosophy.”
Rob LoewenthalFounder & CEO, Whooshkaa