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As sector insiders, we offer you unique access to startups in the strongest position to produce outstanding returns.  Our due diligence is rigorous. We negotiate terms structured to protect investors and incentivise founders, and we provide the ongoing benefit of our expertise and networks to the companies we invest in.  We are fully incentivised on investment performance; we don’t charge startups fees and we invest our own funds so you can trust that we only offer you what we judge to be the strongest investment opportunities in this exciting asset class. And you can be confident in our expertise – meet our team here. You leverage our access to deal flow, expertise and connections, and we do the work for you.

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Why Invest with Jelix?


Insider access to outstanding early stage opportunities in Australia’s highest potential startups.

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We cherry-pick from hundreds of startups, know what to look for and vet meticulously.


You benefit from our expertise -rigourous due diligence, deals structured to promote growth, and ongoing support.


Our interests are aligned. Jelix founders invest their personal funds, and do not charge startups fees.

“The principal value Jelix provides for me as an investor is its unique deal flow and superior due diligence expertise. Investing with Jelix gives me access to high quality opportunities and I trust their judgement about management teams and technology.”
Andrew KaldorInvestor with Jelix

“Jelix gives me access to pre-qualified early stage deals allowing me to diversify my portfolio to include startups with real potential for high returns. Jelix reviews a large number of investment opportunities and funnels these down to the best ones. Of these, it only invests in those which pass its meticulous due diligence process and it can negotiate good terms with. In investing with Jelix, I leverage their expertise and have the luxury of choosing to do as much or as little personal due diligence as I want. I also value their great communication with investors.”
Kathleen ConlonInvestor with Jelix

“Andrea and Ian Gardiner and Jelix’s investors, could not have had a more powerful positive impact on StorReduce’s trajectory.  Their stellar reputation and investment into us helped others to trust us and led to enterprise sales and further investment by other valuable investors. Their game changing introductions ultimately led to  Amazon Web Services selecting us as one of four worldwide beta partner companies for the S3IA cloud storage platform, becoming one of Google’s eight launch companies for its Coldline cloud platform and the first software ever to be resold by Western Digital – the largest data storage company in the world. Plus, they are easy and fun to deal with. We could not recommend them more highly to other startups.”
Vanessa WilsonCo-Founder & CEO, StorReduce

StorReduce was purchased in 2018 by Pure Storage a NASDAQ listed company and Gartner Magic Quadrant leader. Jelix investors benefited from a 10x return on their investment in 3.5 years.

“Jelix led our successful first seed funding round of $1m and has provided us with phenomenal support ever since. Through their extensive network, tagSpace has been introduced to dozens of companies and individuals across Australia and the USA for both investment and strategic partnerships. From a founder’s perspective I cannot express enough the appreciation and gratitude I have for Andrea and Ian Gardiners’ support, counsel and guidance. Andrea is a person of integrity and strikes the perfect balance between doing what’s right for her investors and entrepreneurs. As a startup entrepreneur, if you’re looking for some truly smart money to grow your business in Australia, this should be your first port of call.”
Paul Simon MartinFounder & CEO, tagSpace

Why Invest in Technology Startups?

Technology startups can produce outsized returns. Who does not want to invest in the next Facebook, Uber or Atlassian. Five out the top six most valuable companies in the world are technology companies (Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook). Between them these five companies are worth more than double the entire value of the ASX (AU$3.2tn vs ASX value of $1.6tn).

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Why invest in Australian technology startups?

The astonishing growth of Australian companies like Atlassian, Canva, Freelancer, Aconex, Campaign Monitor and Safety Culture attest to the success of the burgeoning Australian startup sector, and the outstanding returns that can be made. Being a part owner of an innovative startup determined to change the world, is exciting and can be immensely profitable.

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Why Invest with Jelix?

You can be confident that with real skin in the game, we genuinely offer you the best Australian start up investment opportunities in our judgement, because we are wholly incentivised by investment performance. We invest our own funds, do not charge startups fees and our investor fees are heavily performance weighted.

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